The Return of Magic

Session Two (Ari'Ta)

We lead the horses up to the gate. I was sad to see that we’d be leaving the open fields and the natural world that gave way to cobblestone pathways and stone brick houses. * sigh * How i hate being confined.

Keros rode up to the gate house to speak with the guard. He didn’t seem too happy that we were there. Odd…I thought people knew we were coming? Maybe I wasn’t paying attention during the debriefing of this journey; that does happen from time to time. Keros again tried to explain that we were her for, when the creature grunted again at him. Such primitive things. Really, would it take much to teach these ogres basic manor-isms? I could barely make out the words ‘show respect’ from the gnarly toothed thing. Keros realized the error in his way and dismounted, suggesting we follow suit. I slide off and grasp my horses’ reigns, soothing it slightly. The fact that the ogres were in full armor unnerved myself as well. Arzell lost his footing and landed face first into the dirt. I couldn’t hide my giggles as he looked up at me with a snarl.

Keros once again explained our reasoning, and this time it looked like the creature was actually paying attention this time. He let us pass only o be stopped by a half-ling. He seemed rather impatient and unmoving. Keros opened his mouth to try and explain again, but Oliver slipped the man fifty, and he let us into the city.

The city was overwhelming for me. I hate being in such bustle and crowdedness. The walls were too high, but at least I could see the sky.

We decided we should start at the tavern; that always proves to have positive outcomes. There was already another horse at the hitching posts. It was so beautiful, dark chestnut with white markings splashed like flecks of paint. I couldn’t be bothered to look at the insignia of who it belonged to. In

In my appreciation for the mount, I wasn’t aware of the current situation until I heard a screeching sound. Arzell was pinned to the ground before I could turn around. Serves him right. A small snicker leaves my throat as I realized he was pinned down by a young girl. Honestly, why is he here if that girl could sneak up on him? I will never know.

But he seems to know her, and introduces her as his cousin. After she got off him and brushed off the dirt, she did seem to have a pretty face…maybe I could use this to further annoy the man, ha! She seems to be about sixteen, and full of energy. Oliver whistles at her rudely, causing a glare from Arzell. This could be more fun then I thought.

She came here to deliver a message; reminding Arzell about the armaments. Apparently the fall off the horse earlier has done more damage then the surface leads us to believe as he couldn’t quite remember what she was talking about.

The group decides to split up and look for various things. I stay with the horses, giving a quick brushing and removing saddle bags and gear. The tavern was nice enough, but I wasn’t very interested. I talk with the keep about getting rooms for the night. I was debating getting one room to make Arzell blush, but I figured I would be nice. I pay for the two double rooms, and put their gear into each. Knowing that Arzell would want to keep his cousin out of Olivers hands, I placed Keros belongings in with Olivers.

It took a while for anyone to return. I was floating around the tavern to see if any conversations sparked my interest, but alas, nothing peaked me. Keros was the first to return. He ordered four stiff drinks, and the bar keep eyed him up and down. Something stirred within me, and I came over to see what it could be. With four glasses on the counter, he poured a liquid in filling them. Something was off, but I couldn’t say what. A few ogres at the end of the bar had glasses filled with the same color liquid, so I left it.

After Keros drank his fill, with no ill-affects, we got talking about why my healing wasn’t as effective on him. He offered to explain, and teach me something new. It was more interesting then what was going on. He lead me to his bedroom, and I knew where this was going…

Apparently, I didn’t know where this was going. He explained that he would need more mending then anything, and set to train me on specific skills. A little disappointed that his intentions weren’t the same as mine, I didn’t listen to the first part, but started to get into it a little more as he went on. We spent a few hours on this.

As the twilight hours approached, I headed down into the tavern again to hear Oliver’s brash laughter. He was getting sloshed and attempting to pick up the bar maidens. Oh poor thing…if only he knew they flirted with him to part his coin purse from him, and not because they think hes funny. Well, I’ll let him have his fun. Maybe he might come crying to my company. Arzell joined his company, but was too prudish to relax and have any fun. As the night winded down, the group dispersed to their own accords. I went out to the hitching posts and found a bail of hay. Making a soft bed, I disrobed and swiftly fell asleep.

It’s an absolute wonder I wasn’t assaulted in my sleep…oh darn. Waking up in the open is always a nice thing. The group gathered after breakfast. I had to sit and listen to Oliver drone over his loss of the previous night. Like he really thought he had a chance? Ha! The five of us walked over to the mayors office. Keros informed us that we had an afternoon appointment, but I wasn’t satisfied with that. Working my charm, I may have fibbed a little to get us in earlier.

The mayor saw us as scheduled. The meeting room was spacious enough, but I still wasn’t comfortable being with in it. There were a lot of words being spoken, but I tuned them out. It doesn’t really concern myself, nor do I care to really pay attention. I still fail to see why Arzell even asked me along, to be honest. Oliver got bored and left. How rude. Just leaving like that unannounced. Ohhh how I envied him. I wanted to follow on his tail, but I knew it was improper. They continued to talk and a somehow we got roped into being the mayors gophers. I dislike this very much. I’m very uncomfortable with the thought that the mayor hasn’t sent his own men after this…heirloom? What is it that we are seeking? A helmet? Bah! I’m not happy with all of this, and at a later time, Arzell will have his earful of my complaint.

In the meanwhile, I went to the local provision store in search of rations. Using a certain…charm, I was able to get a nice discount on our items.

Until my next entry.


Carthain Zeyev

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