The Return of Magic

Session One (Ari'Ta)

Session One

How dare he! It’s barbaric! Forcing me to * swallows * forcing me…to wear… clothes. Disgusting!

But I suppose that’s how ‘civilized’ people make their daily rounds. Pft. So On Arzell’s command, I got dressed, and made my way to the meeting location. What an interesting fellow that one is. I do get a thrill from watching him openly shudder. Maybe he can’t handle my * points to body * ? Or…oh my, this is a peculiar thought. He’s jealous? Teehee. My mind wanders.

After hearing all the details…well…I let them deal with the finer things. We were to go to this place to help out someone. To be honest here, I was just happy to be back with my friends. There was this metallic object on the table that had much more appeal then the topic at the time.

They decided that we should travel by horse. I generously offered to buy one for each, but they dejected me rather harshly. * sigh * Maybe when we make camp, I’ll do a flip of the wrist and have some fun….with my plants =_= How quickly people’s minds wonder…

After making camp for the night, Simon crashed where he stood. Typical. Oliver offered to take three night watches, while Keros took the last. Fine by me; I need all the sleep I can get.

So I was having this dream, right? A-maz-ing! When suddenly a foot kicks me roughly. Who has the nerve to treat me as such? I shall pray so that my god smites them! I looked up to see a concerned Keros. My fury for him dissipated as I heard growling. He already had his dancing lights searching for the noise. They are ever so pretty, floating around as if the wind held them captive. I could dream of those…Oh my, my mind wanders again.

The beasts charged at Keros, biting and knocking him. There was so much blood; If i had planned it better, I would have had a ritual prepared before bed…but that’s another thought. I stood and jumped to his side, healing to the best of my abilities. I’m not sure if it was because I was tired or what, but my effects on him weren’t as strong as they should be.

Arzell continued to sleep. Honestly, who could sleep through all of that noise? Oliver finally woke, and started to take aim at the beasts closet to him.

My mind is a little fuzzy about details…there were so many beasts. I tried my best to keep Keros alive, but he was wounded severely. I do remember an epic fail though; Keros tried to do a leap attack, and fell short, ha! He was face to face with the beast, and I thought he was done. I was later told that I actually managed to kill one myself.

I remember standing looking at the red carnage. I made sure to stabilize Keros. Oliver was fine, and I didn’t bother to see if Arzell was injured. He’s a big boy and can handel himself. Besides, I wouldn’t want to touch him ‘inappropriately’ and freak him out, silly boy. Not wanting to leave anything to waste, I set to work with Keros to smoking the meat and curing the hides.

We set off after breaking camp. Sadly, the rest of the trip was uneventful. We saw the village from across the plains, and galloped our horses on wards…


Carthain Carthain

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